5 Dark Spots on Face Solutions You Can Try Today

darkspotsDark spots on face are not an uncommon problem. Many women have this issue, so that doesn’t mean you are unattractive or awkward.

Still, you may want to know why the skin on your face presents dark sports. These spots appear due to various causes, like exposure to the sun, hormonal imbalance, hyperpigmentation of the skin, due to acne scars, skin issues especially due to advancing age, or because of liver damage.

The thing is that if you have dark spots on face, it means that your skin needs some help,

…since those areas represent skin cells with a problem.

Luckily, there are many remedies you can try to reduce the presence of the spots and redeem the natural glow of your skin.

Still, to orientate towards high-quality and reliable products, that will care for your skin, not damage it even more.

1.     Using vitamins

Our skin needs proper nutrition to feel and look healthy. So vitamins E and C are essential to support cellular functions, making them indispensable for a skin with an attractive look.

You can help reduce the dark spots on face if you apply vitamin E straight on the spots on your skin.

Do this before going to bed at night, to allow enough time for the skin to absorb as much as possible. You can easily do that by using vitamin E capsules.

Also, try to supplement your diet with vitamin C. This vitamin is well known for its blemishing actions and its protection of cells.

So you either start consuming a lot of fruits with vitamin C, or you increase the intake through supplements.

2.     Home masks

You can help your skin rejuvenate and get rid of the dark spots on face, by using products that everyone has around the house.

For instance, you can use lemon juice, applying it on the dark spots for about two weeks. Use it in combination with honey or horseradish for a more powerful effect.

Milk is also efficient in dark coloration of the skin.

Just apply the milk with a cotton pad and leave it there for about 10 minutes. Do this twice a day for the next six weeks and you should see some improvements.

3.     Microdermabrasion

Now this is a technique you will get only in professional salons.

With the help of microscopic crystal particles, the damaged skin is removed, letting the new and healthier skin pop out.

Your face skin may be a bit red right after the treatment, but it will go away in a short while.

4.     Chemical peels

Another method found in beauty salons, it uses mild acids that will only work on removing the dead and damaged superficial layer of the skin.

Like the method previously presented, it will allow the healthy skin layer underneath to come out and improve your overall aspect.

5.     LCLY® Natural Herbs Essence Extract Face & Body Mask Powder

If you want the easiness of using a cosmetic product, which won’t be as costly as a professional salon treatment, but will be more efficient than a home mask, the LCLY® Natural Herbs Essence Extract Face & Body Mask Powder is the perfect choice.

It works extremely well on the skin unbalances that produce dark spots on face, due to its blemishing action.

And the product is extremely reliable since it is made entirely out of natural ingredients, without any substance that might harm your skin.