Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Facial Herbs Mask


Facial masks are a great way to care for the skin on the face.

And if they are natural facial masks it is even better, as the benefits are higher. It is the best ritual to get pampered, relaxed and enjoy a few moments with yourself.

Most natural facial masks can be easily prepared at home, with ingredients anyone has around the house. So you can enjoy them anytime.

Still, don’t mix almost anything you have at home, as you will need to make some research to find out the best recipes for a face mask, according to your type of skin and skin issues.

Each of us has a particular kind of skin on the face. So there is the only one, sensitive skin, dry, mix, with acne and mature skin. Thus, it is important to consider this each time you prepare the face mask.

For instance, for oily skin, you will have to put ingredients that will eliminate the excess oil and leave the skin with a matte look.

So greasy ingredients are out of the question. Mask with natural clay power, or masks with astringent ingredients, like bananas, lemon juice, or egg white, will help reduce the dimension of skin’s pores and the production of oil.

Also, in many cases, the oily skin is the one that is more prone to acne. So you can combine aspirin dust with lemon juice for a mask suitable for oily and acne prone face skin. Strawberries, honey and brown sugar are also great ingredients for skin with acne.

In contradiction with oily skin, dry skin needs a lot of hydration. Thus, it is wise to use ingredients, in your natural facial masks, which are capable of nourishing and moisturizing the skin.

Avocado, coffee, papaya, yogurt, cucumber, are just a few of the ingredients you can use in the case of dry skin.

And, since the dry skin has a tendency to be sensitive skin, being easily irritated when cold weather comes, you will need extra protection. Oatmeal, honey, peach and chamomile tea, can work wonders on sensitive skin.

This type of skin will not bear any mask or cosmetic product, as it can easily suffer and become painful.

In the case of mix skin, you just have to pay attention to the T-zone, meaning forehead, nose and chin, where the skin is usually oilier.

And apply some hydrating ingredients on the cheek bones, where the skin is normal, to dry even.

Mature skin will need plenty of hydration and nutrition, to get that healthy glow and plumber look. Still, no matter how great and fun it is to make natural facial masks at home, you can get unpleasant surprises,

…like an irritated and red skin, if you don’t do a proper research.

Also, you may never know that a particular ingredient is irritant to the skin until you try it.

So instead of taking a risk, you’d better use safe products.

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