Your Skin Will Appreciate Natural Herbs Masks

Our skin is the first thing that gets aggressed by external factors. The sun, dust, pollutants, and many more, will try to take that natural glow your skin has and give that tern look nobody likes.

Plus, if we forget to drink enough water and eat unhealthy food, our skin will suffer not only from the outside but also from the inside.

So what can you do to restore the well-being on your skin in the shortest notice?

You can use natural herbs masks, for a shock therapy from which your skin can absorb everything it needs to replenish its structure and look healthy again.

These masks can be found in stores or can be prepared at home. Still, do be careful with the ones you find in stores since their quality can be rather poor.

In most cases, they contain so little herbal extracts that it’s like not having them at all.

So instead of getting masks that can harm more than they can help you, it is better if you can prepare your natural herbs masks, by using reliable ingredients.

There isn’t a particular time when you should do these masks since each season has its detriments to the skin.

Summer has its heat and burning sun rays, which can turn the pores upside down, increase sebum production, or dehydrate the skin due to prolonged sun exposure.

In the winter, the blistering cold and dry winds damage the skin and makes it more sensitive. Thus, it is great to enjoy natural herbs masks whenever you have a bit of time.

It is the best way to relax and spend a few moments on your own. Still, you don’t have to exaggerate with the masks, once a week being enough for this type of beauty ritual.

For example…

…you can try a clay and herbs mask.

Use one teaspoon of cosmetic clay, one tablespoon of lemongrass, one tablespoon of rubbed sage leaves, one teaspoon of yogurt, and one teaspoon of honey.

It is a mask great for cleansing and refreshing the face’s skin. Impurities will be kept away from the skin, leaving it soft and fair.

Or, you can enjoy a lavender face mask, for its calming, soothing and revitalizing effects, especially on tired skin. You will need one tablespoon of lavender flowers, one teaspoon of flax seeds, one tablespoon of rolled oats, and one tablespoon of almond meal.

Both natural herbs masks will need to be covered with one cup of boiling water and steeped for about 15 minutes, to release the active ingredients of the herbs.

But you know,

if you wish to enjoy the benefits of natural herbs masks, in an easier and less messy way, LCLY® Natural Herbs Essence Extract Face & Body Mask Powder can help you.

product-2The product is entirely made out of herbal extract and contains nothing to harm your skin. No additives, no preservatives, no flavors or colors, only entirely natural ingredients.

And it will do wonders for the bags under your eyes, dryness and dullness of the skin, enlarged pores, acne, dark spots and many other skin issues.

Probably the best aspect of the product is that it comes already in the form of a powder, which you can easily use to make natural herbs masks.